Dickens Assessment and Training Services is a specialised provider of operator training.

The full Student Handbook link below provides clear guidelines for personal responsibilities of learners and refers to relevant policies that define those requirements and provide the reasons behind them.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for

  • Understanding and accepting the enrolment conditions for the courses they undertake

  • Providing accurate information about themselves at the time of enrolment, and to advise the RTO of any personal information changes, including to their address or phone numbers within seven days

  • Paying of all fees and charges associated with their course

  • Abiding by any dress code stipulated by DATS, including the prohibition of wearing thongs to class

  • Switching their mobile phone off during class time

  • Not swear

  • No smoking in classrooms or around machinery

  • Not cheating or plagiarising in course work / assessments submitted for assessment

  • Recognising the rights of staff and other students to be treated with dignity and fairness, and behaving in an appropriate and acceptable manner towards them

  • Punctual attendance

  • Ensuring they attend classes sober and drug free

  • The security of their personal possessions while attending a course

  • Promptly reporting all incidents of harassment or injury to the Office Manager

  • Use personal protective equipment where required and follow all WHS instructions

  • Respecting the RTO’s property by not littering, cause damage, steal, modify or misuse DATS property or training venue property

  • Observe policy guidelines and instructions for the use of equipment

  • Seeking clarification of their rights and responsibilities when in doubt

  • Asking for assistance and / or support when needed

Fee for Service

Our Fee Schedule is available on request and is subject to change. Government charges may apply to courses which encompass Licencing requirements.Fees are to be paid as per the invoice issued. All enrolments are considered tentative until payment has been received.

Refund of Fee for Service

In the event of your course being cancelled by Dickens Assessment and Training Services, you will be entitled to a full refund. Alternatively, should the you wish, the fees can be held and you will be offered a place in the next available course.


Refunds for courses are only available if the Student or their Employer notifies Dickens Assessment and Training Services of their withdrawal at least seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the course. Refunds are made to the student, organisation or third party who originally paid the course fee.

A refund of all or part of the Dickens Assessment and Training Services fee may be given in the following exceptional circumstances:

  • The Student/Employer overpaid the course fee.

  • The Student enrolled in a course that has been cancelled by Dickens Assessment and Training Services

  • The Student has endured extended hospitalisation or illness supported by a medical certificate.

  • Pregnancy/child birth of the Student or their spouse (other than in cases of medical complication covered by the above).

  • The Training Manager believes the Student would be unreasonably disadvantaged if they were not granted a refund, for example, if the Student met with a serious misadventure and were unable to continue their enrolment.

  • Dickens Assessment and Training Services is to cease trading or fails to deliver the agreed services.


Circumstances not usually regarded as grounds for a refund include job change, change in work hours, moving interstate, redundancy/retrenchment, inconvenience of travel to campus.

A refund will not be paid:

  • If materials, equipment or resources received remain the property of the student.

  • If the Student does not attend or does not give adequate prior notification that they cannot attend a course.

  • If the Student has insufficient ID (if applicable to the course being undertaken, e.g. High Risk Work Licence).

  • If we cannot contact the Student to confirm attendance or notify of changes.

  • If the Student has actively participated in a course (see below)


Active participation is:

- Submitting assessments

- Attending theory or practical sessions

- Attending exams or test

Re-issuing Qualifications

If the testamur or statement of attainment is misplaced or damaged, the student may contact DATS to order a replacement.

The student will be required to complete a ‘Replacement certificate request form’ when requesting replacement certification(s) and pay the administrative fee of $55 (including GST). 

It may take up to two weeks for the copy award document to be completed.

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